Where is she ? – score

Le projet Omashay, ce n’est pas seulement vous montrer mes travaux visuels et musicaux ; c’est aussi vous montrer une part du processus créatif (vous avez pu le voir au cours des dernières semaines avec les esquisses de Caos et celles de Where is she ?). C’est pour cette raison qu’aujourd’hui je publie les partitions (et tabs) de Where is she ? : guitare, voix… Le but de ma démarche : d’abord, satisfaire la curiosité de certains musiciens et, idéalement, fournir un support pour ceux qui voudraient enregistrer leur propre version !


The Omashay project is not only about showing you my visual and musical work, it is also showing a part of the creative process (you have been able to witness over the last few weeks with sketches for Caos and Where is she ?). That is why I publish today the musical score (and tabs) for Where is she ? : guitar, vocals… My goal : first, satisfy the curiosity of certain musicians and, ideally, provide support for those who would like to record their own version !

Contrat Creative Commons
This création is licensed under a Creative Commons Paternité – Pas d’Utilisation Commerciale – Pas de Modification 2.0 France License.


6 thoughts on “Where is she ? – score

  1. admin Post author

    Hey ! J’ai oublié de dire, y’a la version MIDI du titre si vous voulez vous en servir… Le tout est réalisé sous Guitar Pro 5, mais je ne peux pas mettre le fichier sur le site. Si vous le voulez, dites-le moi !

    I forgot to say, the MIDI version of the song is available, in case you want to use it… Everything is done with Guitar Pro 5, but I can’t put the file on the site. If you want it, just tell me !

  2. admin Post author

    Er… yes, the MIDI file IS on the site ! So, Kev YOU were wrong ! 😉 And I got mixed up with the Guitar Pro project. It’s that file that I can’t upload, dunno why.

  3. Kevin Deldycke

    You can’t upload GP5 files to WordPress, for security reasons (not let content contributors upload corrupted/evil binary payload). As you’re the sole contributor to this blog, I think you can trust yourself ! 😉

    So, to allow Guitar Pro file upload, install something like the PJW Mime Config WordPress plugin. Using application/octet-stream MIME type for GP5 files should do the trick.

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