1st Album : Youth

[EN] Picture this: in 2010, I was busy playing with several bands, but I had written songs that had never been performed by anyone. Some because they didn’t fit to the style of the band, some that I felt were too personal to be played by anyone else… I decided to end this by recording my first album by myself, playing all the instruments. As the songs had been written throughout my life as a teenager and young adult, I decided to call this album “Youth”. I released it digitally on Bandcamp in 2012, together with videos and visual art for each song. I also decided to publish all of the songs’ scores on sheet music & tabs so people could make some covers. Open-Source Music, in short! 😉

Digital album
You can see all the details for each song (introduction, lyrics, credits) by clicking on the song titles on my Bandcamp page.

Video clips

Check out this playlist of the videos I made for each song. For “Where is she?”, I roam the streets of Paris in search of someone… “Wish you looked at me” is a multi-screen/multi-instruments video. “Goodnight” is a cool pencil self-portrait animation and “Tale of two” is a painting timelapse, both created by myself!

Visual art

My initial idea for this album was to have some visual work (mainly paintings) for each song. Check these out:

70-drawing animation clip for “Goodnight”:

Scores on sheet music and tabs

Scores are no longer available on the site, but I still have them handy. Feel free to contact me anytime if you are interested!


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