On this page you will find all the projects I have collaborated with, within the last few years.
Always on the look out for new experiences, if you need sax, arranging, or any other musical stuff I can help you with please contact me !
Sur cette page vous trouverez tous les projets auxquels j’ai collaboré durant ces dernières années.
Toujours à la recherche de nouvelles expériences, si vous avez besoin de sax, d’arrangements, ou quoi que ce soit de musical pour lequel je pourrais donner un coup de main n’hésitez pas à me contacter !

– – –

Here is a list of the bands/ensembles I have played in. (click on the names for more detail)
/ Voici une liste des groupes/ensembles dans lesquels j’ai joué. (cliquez sur les noms pour plus de détails).

2015 – present : Bad Teacherz (acoustic rock trio)

2013 – 2016 : Michel Delakian‘s Big band (Big Band du conservatoire du 17e arrondissement)

* 1st alto sax

2004 – 2014 : Cool Cavemen (Fusion-Rock band)
Live (150 concerts in France and Belgium) and studio work
* saxes
* percussion (timbales, bongos, accessories…)
* live backing vocals
* composition, lyrics, arrangements, etc.


2014 : RSO (Rock Symponic Orchestra)’s Tribute to Toto

Rock band + Symphonic orchestra playing American Band Toto’s most famous songs
* alto sax

2014 : OS20 (Orchestre Symphonique du 20e arrondissement)

* alto sax
* classical percussion

2013: Clichy Marching Band

* alto sax

2012 – 2013 + 2015 : Studi’Orchestra (Symphonic Orchestra)
* alto sax
* classical percussion

2007 – 2008 : Amazing band (Jazz Big Band)
* baritone sax

2006 – 2007 : Valenciennes University Big Band 
* alto sax

2003 – 2004 : Funky Storm (Funk-Rock band)
* saxes
* percussion (djembe, shaker…)

2002 – 2003 : Catharsis (Rock band)
* drums

2000 – 2009 : Cuincy Wind Orchestra
* alto, tenor, baritone saxes
* classical percussion (timpani, xylophone, etc.)

– – –

Here are the bands that I wasn’t part of but I played for.
/ Voici une liste de groupes desquels je ne fais pas partie mais pour lesquels j’ai joué.

2013 : Trapped in Freedom (Fusion Metal band)
* alto sax & horn arrangements

2009 : Tea for two big band
* replacement on baritone sax

2006 : José Perelló (Spanish electronic musician)
* alto sax


4 thoughts on “Collaborations

  1. You know what’s missing here ? Some info about your performances on stage. Because that’s count.

    • funkysaxplayer

      That countS you mean ;-). True ! I shall add a few words about Cool Cavemen’s and other bands’ gigs, then. Thanks Kev !

    • funkysaxplayer

      That been said, there already are some videos you made on the Cool Cavemen page” !

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