Bad Teachers – New original song

[EN] This is one of the songs we have written with my mates from Bad Teachers. It is called « Zoé »… like our singer’s daughter !

We have other songs of our own and we are currently recording our first 6-track record, which should come out this autumn.

You can find « Zoé » and two other tracks (Queens of the Stone Age & Biffy Clyro covers) on our new Youtube channel !

Stay tuned for some more music to come this summer !

[FR] Voici une des chansons que nous avons composées avec mes amis de Bad Teachers. Elle se nomme « Zoé »… comme la fille de notre chanteur !

On a d’autres compos et on enregistre en ce moment même notre premier 6-titres, qui sortira sans doute cet automne.

Vous pourrez trouver « Zoé » et deux autres morceaux (reprises de Queens of the Stone Age & Biffy Clyro) sur notre nouvelle chaîne Youtube !

Il y aura d’autres actualités musicales cet été, restez à l’écoute !


1 thought on “Bad Teachers – New original song

  1. Fabienne HAYDOCK

    Very good ! Just a couple of remarks : -the blue Tshirt doesn’t go at all with your shirt, nor does the guitar blue wire with the guitar – has your singer been to Cancale at low tide and plastered his forearms with mud or are these black marks tattooes ? – very impressed by your backing voice – excellent work. Wouldn’t it be better to sing standing up ?


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