Cool Cavemen

Cool Cavemen

[EN] Cool Cavemen was a 5-piece Fusion band from Northern France. I was a founding member and I played with them for nearly ten years. We liked to describe our style as Rock with a spicy Funk sauce, a dash of humour and lots of different folkloric influences sprinkled on top. Sadly, in 2012, we decided to stop playing live together but we released our last album, “Funkloric Trip”, in November 2014.

[FR] Cool Cavemen était un groupe (quintet) de Fusion du Nord de la France. J’en étais un membre fondateur et j’ai joué avec eux depuis presque dix ans. On aimait décrire notre musique comme étant du Rock à la sauce Funk, avec une goutte d’humour et des influences folkloriques nombreuses et variées saupoudrées sur le dessus. Malheureusement, en 2012, nous avons décidé d’arrêter de faire des concerts mais nous avons sorti notre dernier album, “Funkloric Trip” en novembre 2014. Bon, les francophones, le reste c’était trop compliqué de tout traduire à chaque fois, alors va falloir faire des efforts en anglais ! 😉

Concerts :

I used to play saxophone, percussion and sing the harmonies when we played live. We played nearly 150 gigs in bars, concert halls, festivals throughout France (essentially the North) & Belgium – see Cool Cavemen’s bio for more details – and every time it was great fun ! Here is a video of one of our live performances. You can find more here.

Compositions :

We made 3 full albums and 2 EPs. I co-wrote all nearly all our songs. Here are some for which I was the main composer:

“Funkysaxplayer” and “Funkysaxplayer II” are short interludes on which I recorded all the saxes (alto, tenor and bartione). As you might imagine, I had fun recording over myself !

“Everyone make love” is a typical, voluntarily cliché song about… doing it. It has a sexy alto sax soloing all along. The tricky part is the change from 12/8 to 4/4 on the chorus. I was inspired by Tower of Power’s work, especially for the funky 4/4 bits.

“Looking for fame” is a Funk-Rock song in 6/4. As usual with Cool Cavemen’s Fusion music, it travels between regular Funk, Folkloric Waltz and Heavy Metal !

Arrangements :

I recorded sax, percussion, and did all the arrangements when we made extra musicians come and record for us (horns, strings, etc.). You will find these arrangements in the arrangement section of the site.

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