Tale of two : lyrics (intended)

Tale of two is a instrumental track.  Here are the intended lyrics (by Carolina) :

Content he was walking, discovering while talking 
That lo and behold his English was weak 
She came along, sang to his song 
And off they went down the street 

Slowly but surely she saw he was curly 
Her fingers she twirled along the soft strands 
He fell asleep and tucked in his feet 
On her small bed of faraway lands 

His kisses were sweet, what fun they did meet 
While talking of subjects that mattered 
When words had been said, they just stayed in bed 
And paid no heed to clothes that were tattered 

She knew how to dance and gave him a chance 
To prove himself and his manliness 
And with a great frown she decided to sit down 
And understand this whole jazz business 

He wanted to see her but only to please her 
So he asked kindly & respectfully 
Up she arose, barebacked and posed 
And his hands discovered simplicity 

Walking to classes they followed the masses 
With deviations never prepared 
Often they drank, together on one tank 
Biting into this piece of life they shared 

Too soon he was gone, her heart all gone wrong 
For she had let him cry on her shoulder 
Tears invaded her system as she thought of how she missed him 
And the coals that once burned now smouldered 

Happily she retraces all the wonderful paces 
Together they took hand in hand 
But she must let go, and he help her do so 
By not rubbing it in with more sand 

They had to be clever and never proclaimed “forever” 
Knowing it was not going to last 
But she has changed, will never be the same 
And has one more story in her past 

Yes it does hurt, like too much dessert 
But she knows how to make sugar from a sour lemon 
Now dawn comes after night, watch what I say with all my might 
I hope your eyes can listen to everything here written

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