Horn section / section cuivres

[EN] Here are some tracks on which I did some horn arranging.

[FR] Mettez-vous à l’anglais ;-).

with Cool Cavemen :

“Vent d’Art” is a powerful, fast Rock song so we needed more power than the usual doubled or tripled saxes. I arranged the sax lines for an extra bari sax, trombone and trumpet, which turned out very useful on the latino-styled bridge (2’24)!

“Everyone make love” is sexy Soul track with a solo alto sax, backed up by baritone sax and trombone. The horns get very useful when it comes to the funky choruses (1’32). 

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with Trapped in Freedom :

When these guys said then wanted a Zouk interlude with horns in the middle of their Prog-Metal track, I said “why not ?”. Yes, believe or not, after of 2’48 of funky and distorted guitar, it suddenly gets all Caribbean-style !

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