Cry me a river – arrangement for home-made ensemble

Here is a arrangement of Justin Timberlake’s “Cry me a river” for a custom ensemble of me and my sister Laura (basically, it is made for the instruments I had within my reach! alto sax, keys, bass, and some drum elements). It more or mess follows the original tune, but with a jazzy twist at the bridge… Check it out for yourself:

Here is the sheet music, if you would be interested in doing your own version. All I ask of you in return is to send me a recording (audio or video) if you get to play the piece. This is the full score, please contact me if you want seperate parts or if you would like a slightly different arrangement. It would be my pleasure seeing my work being played by others!

Click here: Cry me a river – 2018 arrangement by Tom Haydock – full score

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